This will have SPOILERS! This topic might be overplayed but who ever gets to pull the trigger and kill the gov. will prob get a lot of viewers attention. To be honest I can only see six people able to do this.... (prob=probably)

My Top Choices

Sasha - if Tyreese gets killed by gov. she will get pissed like Lilly and we all know what happens when you give Lilly. Also she is a good shot. Her only down fall is she might die before she gets the chance or tyreese doesn't die before he shows up.

Daryl - I can only see him sacrificing himself killing the gov. and himself for Carol, Judiith, or Carl. Only downside is he prob would die if he did.

Carol - I can see her being the ultimate sacrifice because it would make T-dog's death really meaningfull if he saved her. Also Axel saved her too from Philip. The only downside is she never even seen the gov. close up before but she can shoot. (Episode 301- In a guard tower.) 

Other Choices

Tyreese - if Sasha dies. Only prob is he is a bad shot.

Karen - for being betrayed. She isn't that main of a character plus she didn't really get hurt by The Govener except for one time.

Carl - he is angry and wants to prove himself so this moment would be a perfect oppertunity to prove himself and it would make people like him a lot.

Michonne - she gets revenge for Andrea her gal pal. Only prob is she already got the govs eye so it wouldn't feel right if she just killed him.

Tell me three people that are most likely to kill the gov (you can include a reason why if you want) and what you thought of my choices...