Daryl is a survivor that has always been a little bit of an outsider but has a softspot for the people he cares about. One of those people is Carol. Carol is the only person we know of in his life that gave him love. We all know Carol is a softy at heart but the apocolypse is making her colder after loosing her daughter, husband, and etc. In the last episode she said to Andrea about how Andrea should give the govener the night of his life than kill him. This is a huge transformation from the Carol in season 1 who wouldn't even talk back to her husband let alone lay a finger on him. 

Daryl- Is he getting to soft?

Carol- Is she getting to cold?

Who will out live the other one?

Do you think they will/can ever have a kid together?

Even if you said no to the question above if they had a kid what would the name be?

My Answers:

1. No he is just showing a side he kept bottled up.

2. No she is doing what she has to.

3. I don't know but I'm guessing niether of them will die in the next episode.

4. Maybe 10% chance of happening.

5. If a Boy: Daryl Jr. Girl: Lil Asskicker the 2nd jk but maybe Darlenah