So I think the obivious choices would be Carol, Beth,and Sasha but I feel like this is trying to mislead us. So here is who I think the two people who get murdered are.

  • Karen -  IM CALLING IT NOW THAT TYREESE AND KAREN ARE DATING OR ARE LIKE BFFS. This would make Tyreese sad about her death and it would make sense just to end Karens arc due to Karen having a lot of similarities to Andrea or at least that is what people keep on saying. Plus she was only seen twice in the trailer. Once when she was killing the walkers on the fence with I think was a metal pipe and another when Tyreese is talking to her by the fence.
  • Maggie - This would make Hershel upset and Glenn and Beth and Carl and so on. So both deaths would affect the two types of people (Woodbury and the Prison) making it harder to try and find out who the murder is. I think when Maggie has that look on her face that makes her look like she is scared I think she is hiding from the murder. A lot of people will probably say it can't be her she was at the guard tower which is true but that was  during the zombie attack inside the prison. I think the murder will happen later on that day but the leaders of the community will have a meeting before they find the two dead people and after the zombiee attack to discuss what happened.

Also do you think any guys from Rick's group will be murdered? I can't see any of them dying in the courtyard by the murder.

Who do you guys think will be murdered? (Not people who are killed in the zombie attack.)