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Season 4 death predictions

KuT July 10, 2013 User blog:KuT




I know this blog is over done a lot but I wanna add some more info to the topic.

  • Noah's actor was supposed to be only in one episode and Karen is supposed to come back in season 4. To make the story realistic if there is a time skip Noah probably died.
  • There will probably be a season 4 death or injury in the first episode. If you look back on past seasons like season 2 Carl was shot. Then in season 3 Hershel lost his due to a bite. One thing they have in common is it happened at the end of the episode. One thing though is they both survived if they repeat this whoever gets the injury will probably die to keep things moving or maybe the episode will start with a person dying and it is a flashback on the events of the day. Whatever it is it will be an unusual episode like all the first episodes are. There will be a ton of zombies too.
  • Each premere there are a ton of zombies and the name of the episode 30 days without an accident might be walkers getting into the camp and lots of deaths.
  • Usually 1 unexpected death in the first seven episodes of the begining of each season. (Ex.Amy, Sophia, and Lori). I do think the unexpected death will be in episode 1-5 because it's just me but whatever.
  • I know people say this all the time but it's going to happen but I think it's Hershel. I think him because he is developed more than the other characters (Ex.Karen and Other Woodbury Survivors). Even more though Natural Selection is slowly starting to run through the show. Which means the most fit are survivng while the weak are dying. Kids, Old, Sick, Weak (Mentally), Weak (Physically), and other groups are the ones suffering while the Adults, Strong, Smart, and Strong Willed are surviving.  
  • There will only be one big death in the first half and maybe a couple minor but there will be a TON of development the first half due to the last assault. LOTS of people will die in the second half.
  • I think at least One Greene death in the 4th season because they all survived season 3. This will develop the surviving members.
  • I believe Judith will live past the 4th season because everyone is expecting it that read the comics with the iconic death scene.
  • The Govener I hope will die but hey u never know do ya.
  • Michonne will live but she is so boring in the TV Series compared to the comics. The acting and action is perfect for the TV show but I loved the personal side of Michonne that was coming out when she was spliting ways with Andrea at the begining and end of the season.
  • Tons of main cast deaths too this season.
  • Daryl fans I think his time is coming to an end soon either season 4 or season 5. Mostly because of Carol and Merle. Merle died sarcrificing and Carol has two human sacrifices so far. Daryl looks up to his brother and thhings do happen in threes.
  • Carl and Rick I don't think are gonna die.
  • Glenn only was killed in the comics because he wasn't as good as the Glenn in the TV Series so he will probably live.
  • Now Andrea and Sophia have died in TV series but are alive in the comics because they are different. Will this happen to Glenn and Carol due to their counterparts. I kniw the Glenns are practically twins but Robert Kirkman doesn't think so and he's the boss so can't argue with that.
  • I'll just end it here so hopefully you leave a positive comment or what you think will happen.
  • (P.S. If you look for a cool youtuber to watch 400 days watch TheRadBrad or PewDiePie and for predictions I'd say Trevschan2. )
  • Season 4 Promo will be out around the 19th <- That's some of the helpful info I get from Trevschan2 just sayin.

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