So season 4 will be a little less action packed and be more about bonds forming and new relationships. With that said Tyreese finally joined the group and in the comic books we know what happens with that love triangle of Carol, Tyreese, and Michonne. Do you guys think there will be a love triangle in season 4? If so who? Will it be Noah, Carl, and Beth? Karen, Michonne, and Tyreese?

My prediction is Hershel will die so what will happen to Beth? Will she be adopted into a family or will Maggie take the roll of her mother?

How will the knew people people bond with Rick's group?

Will the Govener come across Morgan or Randall's goup?

How will Sasha connect with other people from Rick's group?

When will use the basketball courts?

Will there be any suicides?

Tell me what you guys think...