Comic book spoilers and probably other spoilers too so if you aren't up to date on all the walking dead info and don't like spoilers then don't read.... Or if you aren't up to date and just don't care then go ahead and read :D

Okay the groups are pretty much still split up from where we left off at the end of "Too Far Gone" except Glenn united with Tara, Rosita, Eugene, and Abe and Carol joining Tyreese, Lizzie, Mika, and Judith. So what I think will happen after viewing the synopsis for each upcoming episode and watching the trailer is Tyreese's group will get to "Terminus" first and when they get there it will be abandoned (probably unless Gareth is like the only one there) Tyreese's group will set up camp there and whatever. This episode coming up Rick will decide whether he wants to stay at the house or not. Abe's group will go on the road and Abe will be rude/hardening Glenn telling him not to look for Maggie. Abe will want to go scavenging but he knows Eugene won't help bc he so lazy and can't help, Tara he doesn't want to go because he probably either won't like her or she is still trying to get over the assault having emotional damage, Glenn is too much of a physical and emotional wreck to scavenge, and Rosita is the only person he can trust to keep everyone in order and help Glenn and Tara with emotional damage. Also I have a feeling Eugene gonna have an awkward convo with Rosita and an awkward/interesting convo with Tara about him and the radio. So this will force Abe to scavenge by himself and go to Rick's house. Rick will prob no weapons on him when Abe enters and Abe will take supplies from Rick while Michonne, Rick, and Carl are hiding in the house. When Abe is near leaving Rick's house getting a lot of supplies Rick will get a weapon and try to shoot him but miss and Abe might fire back or flee ultimately ending up with neither injured and Abe running away from the house back to the group with supplies. Rick's group realizes how unsafe living in the house was and realizes they need a safer place and hits the road finding the Terminus map. Rick's group will then head towards the place. In another episode Daryl and Beth will come across Abe's group and Beth will give Glenn hope being in-laws and stuff. Daryl and Abe will fight over how the group will be lead and Eugene will back up Abe making Abe the leader of that group and making Daryl back to square 1 like in season 2. (just another survivor providing for the group, not a right hand man or leader) Sasha, Bob, and Maggie will find the railroad and Sasha and Bob will convince Maggie that it might be a safe place where Glenn may have gone making Sasha's group go to Terminus. Eventually Abe's big group will meet Rick's big group probably at Terminus. When the two groups meet near the end of the season in the finale there will be a herd and walkers coming from every direction of the train tracks.

Overall Rick's group Tyreese's group Sasha's group will all meet at Terminus.

Abe's group Daryl's group will all try to survive looking for remaining prisoner survivors to get more ppl help the mission Abe's group is on.

Later on in the season they will meet at Terminus both groups at night time probably. Maggie will either get bitten and meet Glenn or hang herself and Glenn will be the first one to see her and she'll be dead unlike in the comics.

In the finale a herd of zombies will come from all the different tracks surrounding the group while they are all at Terminus making all the survivors try and escape. (They'll prob all hop in Abe's truck and shoot down one section of the tracks while driving through the zombies.)

That's what my prediction is....