311- Rick will step down as leader and leave while taking michonne and carl with him to go get Morgan. Hershel will lead the group. Andrea will come back and try to re join the group and glenn will reject her. The govener plans next attack.

312- Rick will find Morgan. Andrea will be imprisoned in woodbury.The govener will get his troops ready for the attack. Maggie will reveal she is pregnant (Gaurd Tower). Merle will escape and daryl will kill him.

313- Rick will be on his way back. The govener will attack. Andrea will escape with Milton from woodbury. The govener will kill Hershel or/and Beth or/and Judith. Tyreeses group will hear the attack and fight rick will attack. Carol will sacrifice herself for Judith.

314- Ending of the attack and picking up the pieces.

315- The group will meet new people.

316- Half the group will go back to the farm.