Comic book spoilers/ TV series Speculation

Obviously the Greene family is a big part of the walking dead. They showed up in season 2 and have gotten stronger since. None of the family had died on the show b/c Shawn and Annette (Think that's her name) died probably during season 1 and Jimmy, Patricia, and Otis weren't biologically related only really good friends of the Greenes.

This season there will be at least one Greene death in the first half...

  • The reason I say that is b/c none of them died is season 2 and 3.

but who will it be is the question....

The safest Greene member for the FIRST HALF OF THE SEASON but second half could go either way is Beth

  • I know a lot of ppl might disagree with this but she has a lot of potential.
  • She also has a lot of fans and for younger female viewers they prob relate to her being the only teenage girl.

Both Hershel and Maggie have a great chance of dying this season in both parts.

  • Maggie has been on guard a lot and a great shock would be if right at the begining of the assualt is if she was stuck in the front towers and had to defend herself but ultimetly die. This would definetly develop Glenn even more in season 5.
  • Maggie dying like I keep saying great shock b/c she still alive in comics and they are way past prison.
  • Hershel could definetly die in the first half. He shows Rick how to farm which might make Rick take Hershel's role of doing the farming.
  • Also if Hershel does die he is one of the few ppl u can rely on not to be a murder so more of the good ppl dying with a moral compass.

If the show really wanted all the Greenes could die this season but that might be overkill....I would expect one or two Greene deaths...