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KuT March 6, 2013 User blog:KuT

I got an idea from a youtube person that I watch his name is Trevor or Trev. He is doing all different walking dead battle stuff like michonne vs. daryl and other ones with shane and etc. So I thoght why not make my own. This will relate to the TV Series Characters. 

First Fight

Beth Greene(Season 3) vs Lori Grimes(Early Season 2 before she knows she is pregnant)  


Second Fight

Carl Grimes(After Lori Dies) vs Michonne 

Who I think would win in each fight is !!!!

Round 1: Beth Greene I think Beth would shoot a girl now if she had to plus her trigger finger is faster.

Round 2: Carl Grimes I think Carl would win because he does not think about anyone when he is shooting he just does it.

I'd like to hear what you guys think.

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