The new family which is the SAMUEL family is made up of 3 ppl Two young sisters (Mika and Lizzie the blonde ones) and a father. The father dies in the next episode it shows in the trailer because he gets bit inside the cells. This will make Lizzie and Mika orphans and Carol will probably take them under her wing due to her loosing her own daughter. What I also found is Lizzie is the creepy one that goes up to Carol and holds the knife with her so maybe just maybe Lizzie will be like Ben in the comics and murder her sister Mika with a knife or maybe that Luke kid that Daryl saves. Plus Carl already doesn't like Lizzie so I'm sure he won't have a problem killing her if she murdered her sister. Whatever it is I don't see Lizzie survivng with the group for that long.

Also the group I think will split up. Hershel, Maggie, Beth, Glenn, Carol, Survivng kids, Carl, and Rick will probably go back to the farm. While everyone else will probably stay at the prison while trying to find out the new sanctuary where it is probably where the Gov. is and it prob Fort Bennent.