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(The Death of Beth) When will it happen?

KuT March 1, 2013 User blog:KuT

SPOILER TO PEOPLE WHO DON'T READ THE COMICS OR WATCH TALKING DEAD. Beth Greene is one of the characters that is only in the TV Series. She is the daugter of Hershel. Nobody is exactly sure when she'll die. I hear she will die in the assault randomlly, die in the assault carring Judith, and this last one I thought of and maybe Beth will be a replacement for Sophia in the comics.

I know that Beth will live throught at least 3 more episodes because Emily Kinney(her actress) said she will sing again in a month/months on the walking dead. This gives her at least a little more security in a position on the show.

Do I think Beth will make it through season 3?  I think Beth will make it to at least the end of episode 314.

BTW: Beth is amazing.  

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