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The Walking Dead: Three More Teases

Kovarro August 30, 2014 User blog:Kovarro
Tease What's Coming Next The Walking Dead Season Premiere00:11

Tease What's Coming Next The Walking Dead Season Premiere

Tease Family The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere00:11

Tease Family The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere

Tease Walkers Close on Tyreese The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere00:16

Tease Walkers Close on Tyreese The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere

So, three new promo's for Season 5 were released in the last 10 days, and no blogs about it so I thought why not. Although the first two teases were mostly reused footage from the Comic-Con trailer, the third one features new footage featuring Tyreese. Idk if this is important to be used in a blog, and it's only like 280 words, not 300, but it can always be moved to the Forums.

The first teaser goes for 11 seconds which features a few clips suggesting that Terminus are cannibals, with the quote from Sasha "We don't know what's coming next".

The second teaser is about Rick saying that his people are family etc, and it also goes for 11 seconds, which features an unused clip of the Termites carrying the tied up Rick off, and Michonne and two others on the ground; then a clip which was already seen in the Comic-Con trailer, were Gareth smiles at Rick.

The next clip was only released on the 26th, which shows like I said all new unused footage were the herd closes in on Tyreese and though unseen most likely Carol and Judith. After Tyreese looks out the windows, something behind Tyreese makes him jump.

Though AMC released three new promo's, there's not really much worth watching that shows anything interesting, only Tyreeses'.

And another thing that was worth using for this blog about Season 5 are the four recently released Entertainment magazine covers featuring Rick, Daryl, Michonne and Gleggie. There is much more I could've written for this blog, but I'm not a great blog maker like Cam or Maimer, so enjoy what I offer you.

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