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Negan is a Big & Powerful Guy & we all know what Negan can do when he has his Saviors at his side, he has killed a bunch of people & Walkers, capture people, Bash skulls in with Lucille & Melt peoples faces off, We also know what he can do to a person one on one, he has gutted Spencer & overpower Rick. But what can he do if he only has one Savior at his side would he still be able to defeat to different a group of two people.

At Negans Side would be one Savior.. Connor. We already know that he is dead but he gave Andrea a good beating, Carries a Knife & he did nearly kill her but would be able to overpower a man with only Negan at his side.

Martinez & Shumpert are two of The Governors top Guys, Martinez is not a weak guy, he had a fight with Merle in the Woodbury arena, wields a Baseball Bat that is engraved with Eat Me on it & he can alot of damage with it. In "Arrow on the Doorpost" he shows his skill with it by basically taking of a walkers head with one swing. You cant deney that Martinez is a small guy.

There's not much to say about Shumpert except he is a Big Guy with Huge Muscles & he could easily dominate basically anyone he wanted, he has great aim with a Bow & also a CrossBow. He usually carries his AK47 & has killed many walkers & humans. 

Weapons They Would Carry:

Negan would be carrying Lucille, Connor would be wielding his Knife, Martinez would have his Baseball bat & Shumpert would have his Bow.

I think Martinez & Shumpert would defeat Negan & Connor as Negan cannot defeat two people who match his strength. And also Shumpert has great aim and would likely shoot an Arrow into his eye before he can swing his bat

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