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Has Maggie been Immune From Damage?

I was just watching over the Seasons again, And I was thinking that every character that is alive right now, Has been in some way damaged (Not Mentally, Physically Damaged). Except for Maggie, throughout the seasons she may have had some close calls with walker, But who hasnt. And she may have been captured by The Governor by the only thing that happened was TG made her strip.

Im was just thinking, Even the strongest characters right now have been in some way, Physically Damaged. Tyreese, Daryl & Michonne

Here is a list of things that damaged the survivors throughout the Season:

Rick -

  • Shot by a Criminal, put into a coma
  • Thrown of his horse
  • Had a "Street Fight" with Shane :D
  • Had another fight with Shane with led to Shanes Death
  • Nearly killed by Tomas
  • Got attacked by Andrew
  • Got punched and got into a fight with Tyreese
  • Shot in the leg by a person in the Governors Army (I think Alisha)
  • Bashed & suffocated by The Governor
  • Got in a fight with a bandit

Carl -

  • Shot by Otis

Glenn -

  • Bashed by Merle
  • Captured the deadley flu
  • Choked on his own Blood, Near killing him

Daryl - 

  • Abused by his Father (Before Outbreak)
  • Falls of a cliffside
  • Fall and lose consciousness again while climbing back up
  • Impaled by his own arrow
  • Shot in the temple by Andrea
  • Bashed slightley by Merle

Carol -

  • Abused by her husband (Before & After the Outbreak)
  • Gets Scratched and cut up after getting angry about Sophias death

Beth <3 -

  • Hair grabbed and pulled on by her reanimated mother
  • Convinced into Suicide by Andrea, Slit her wrists with a piece of glass

Michonne -

  • Shot by Merle
  • Bashed by The Governor
  • Face rammed into a fish tank
  • Knocked out by Merle
  • Screwed up Ankle after walker attacks her

Tyreese -

  • Bashed by Rick
  • Cut wrist during prison assualt

Sasha -

  • Caught the Deadley Flu
  • Fell unconsciousness in cell
    S04E03 Tyreese

Bob -

  • Wine shelves fell on top of him (Hurt Ankle)
  • Shot in the shoulder during prison assualt

Lizzie -

  • Caught the Deadley Flu
  • Reanimated Henry fell onto Lizzie (Possibly Injured her ankle as she fell or hit her head)

Judith -

  • Suffocated by Lizzie

Maggie -

  • Nothing

You may think Daryl is invincable, But aleast something has actually happened to him throughout the seasons, He had a few deadley injuries & survived them, Im pretty sure the only un damaged character in The Walking Dead right now is Maggie.

I could be wrong, Maybe something has happened to her and I missed it, But I think she has been the only safe survivor throughtout the Seasons

Im not Hating on her,  I like her Character and im excited to see more of her in the second half of this Season, Will she find Glenn :D