HarleyTracks (Alone)
Now where do I start, I usually dont make blogs but I thought I would review the Episode Alone since I think it
Joe Tracks (Alone)
was one of the greatest episodes of this Season, It brang back the mysterious bandits from 'Claimed' which was awesome, And we now know how many were in there group. Except Lou who we definatley no is dead.

I didnt think much of this group when they were first showed and I thought they wouldve only been a one time Episode kind of group, But now that they have shown them it made me interested in them, But are they a Good or Evil kind of group?

My first impressions of them returning to find Daryl sitting on the road after chasing whoever kidnapped or Saved Beth (Thinking it was Gareth or Ft. Gabriel) is that im going to enjoy this group. We have Six new characters: Joe, Len, Tony, Harley, Billy & Dan. Right now I like Len and Joe, I feel like they will stick around for the rest of the season with maybe only one or two dying at the end of Season 4.

With Beth now taken by a mysterious group or person, I think Joe's Group will be like Comic Rick, Abe, Michonne & Andrea and slaughter whoever took Beth, Im hoping that they turn out to be a great group and hopefully make up for them screwing up the Prison Survivors in Season 3.

With Daryl now joined there group I think it will lead to a better story line for him

Joe: We dont know much about Joe right now except that Jeff Kober the actor who portays him is a serious actor. From the few lines he had in Alone with Daryl, I new straight away that he was a terrific actor and will defiantley bring something different into TWD (Like Bob does with his Humour). Right now I think that his group is one of the most interesting new group in the show overtaking Abrahams Group. Where did they come from?

Len: Along with Joe, Len is a character that I know im going to like, He carries that bow and he seems like he
LenBow (Alone)
could bring some humor into the show. We know that he maybe has some sort of training since he put Tony into a sleeper hold pretty easy. Im sure he will be that character that is a kind of Jackass or Cocky kind of person.

Tony: It was interesting seeing Tony (Davi Jay) in the show, I dont know much about his actor and if he is a experianced actor but I do remember him being a sort of extra in Prison Break as Papo, I think it would be interesting to see what his charater is like. The group all remind me of a Bike Gang with their vests with all the badges on them, But anyway he looks like a badass character and he wears a similar bandanna to Martinez in the comics.

Dan, Billy & Harley: It was cool how they were named so fast even though they were only in the scene for a short amount of time, Dan and Billy remind of the people that were in the Vatos' Gang, Could they have been from there or just some extras that will be killed of straight away?

I dont think this group will have any similarities to any of the Comic Groups (Hunters or Saviors) And im glad that Gimples the Show Runner so hopfully he wont be killing them of to fast, I just hope they dont end up being the Hunters because I want to see more of them.


  • On a Side note, I identified which one from there group is Harley, Dan and Billy and have uploaded few pictures to there Gallery
  • Also Im glad that everyone who made a blog about Episode 2 (Telltale) put spoiler alert in there Blog opening statement since PS3 players in the Eurpeon Region have to wait till Wednesday to play it (Including Me)