It has been a long wait to play this episode since it only came out in the PSN European Region today,

I know there has been a lot of reviews on this Episode but since it only came out for me today I havnt been able to make one,

I decided to make a blog on some of the characters and what I thought and my choices or reaction to them.

Right now this has been on of my favourite episodes in all of the episodes (Season 1/400 Days)

Alvin: Right now Alvin is one of my Favourite Characters, I has interested to see more of him this episode but there wasnt much on him, I liked how we saw a new angry side to him because I thought he was generally just a nice guy. After Carver invaded I thought nothings going to happen to Alvin but when he was grabbed and shot by Carver.... I make a rule not to restart the episode if I make a bad choice but I just had to save Alvin so I did, I really thought it was a Non-Canon death and I done something wrong but It was real :O So Like I said I restarted and saved him :D

My Reaction to his Death: Screw this shit im restarting to save his life

Bonnie: Now I was glad to see her at First! I wanted to see someone from the 400 Days DLC (Wouldve liked Russell) but she was good enough, I of course searched her for weapons but I wish you didnt have to give her that much food, Then when she came back with Carver....

My Reaction: That Fucking Bitch

I dont care what happens I just want her dead

Nick: Now I know Nick isnt the most Calm character, But last episode I escaped with him because I like him, I tried saving his life as much as I could this episode, I was generally shocked when I saw Nick in the shed lying down sinse I thought he was dead but he was all Good :) Now I was annoyed when he shot Matthew since he did seem like a good guy but he did point a gun at Nick, Im glad I got him and Walter on the same side because that choice saved his Life :D

Kenny: God the feels came back when Clem saw Kenny, I made the choice of hugging him and I think most people would have, I was just so happy to see him alive since everyone from Season 1 died, Btw loving his new beard. I was surprised when he was with Sarita since he was devostated when Kat died and didnt think he would move on. I tried talking to him as much as I could and sat with him at the table. The first time I went out the window to find Luke & Kenny but Alvin ended up dying so I changed my descion and surrended.

My Reaction to his return was basically just jumping around celebrating, then the feels came

Sarah: Sarah plain and simple annoys (But Less then Duck) I didnt put that damn angel on the top of the tree and put the Star on there, She will end up getting herself or someone else killed

Rebecca: Bec this episode didnt make me dislike her, she seemed more calm then last episode but she still had sex with Carver im pretty sure, Im worried that she will be like Lori and die during her prengency because that will just devistate Alvin, I dont mind Bec but she still is not one of my favourites

Carver: Now at the start of the episode Carlos told me not to let anyone in the house, Carver knocked and I welcomed him in :O He took it upon himself to look around the house but didnt give up the if I was with the group or if I knew them. He didnt seem like a dangerous person at First but when he came in Kennys Lodge and shot Walters head in I got pissed, Now I will kill him if I can get the decsion to but I want to see Alvin do it

Walter: Walter was just basically too Nice, He gave to much food to Bonnie and seemed that he would welcome anyone into the Lodge, I liked him alot in the short amount of time he was in it. When he was holding Matthews knife he seemed crazy but he saved Nicks life which was awesome, Then that bitch Bonnie brang Carver up to there lodge which led to his death :(

Now I might do this for every episode yeah :D Depends how interesting the characters are every episode