Has AMC Revealed Too Much?

I wanted too make this blog saying that I think AMC have revealed too many trailers and promos for Part B. I am annoyed with the amount of spoilers that they put in the trailers as some of them ruined the fate of some characters and couldve waited for the acutally season to start. Im not the only one to be surprised/annoyed about this, Fans and Some extras from the show are also surprised with how much they revealed which couldve waited till the season starts up again.

I will say this, There are minor spoilers that have been only showed in Promos & Trailer so if you want no spoilers dont read the rest of this :)

Direct Favourite Quotes from some Extras/Fans:

  • Extra - They used to be more tight lipped and we'd drive ourselves crazy wondering about certain things.
  • Extra - I'm surprised at how much AMC is showing
  • Fan - Why would they show Tara since she disappeared in the finale?
  • Fan - I thought I was watching a Spoiler Free Trailer.... I guess i was wrong :|
  • Fan - So they show Glenn alive which is disappointing but they didnt show Bob or Sasha

I agree with these, whats the point of showing Tara alive except ruin her Unknown Fate if she survived or Died instead of fans going crazy thinkingwhat happened to her. And they even showed the death of Achey Women only a few days before it starts again? What to they achieve from that, They better not kill every bus survivor in the first Ep and just leave Glenn Alive. Here are some things I think they couldve not revealed,

  • Michonne getting new pet walkers
  • Tara's Fate
  • Riot Gear Man/Women
  • Michonne going back to the prison
  • Beth crying infront of the dead bodys. LLB♪
  • Glenn's Fate
  • Achey Women Dead & Bit (Be Stupid If All Extras died with her)
  • Bus Stopped or Crashed
  • 3 Survivors/Walkers? pouring out the back of the bus
  • Mika with her gun


Also after the new promo I can say that I think not all the Bus Survivors died with Achey Women, I also found out that some bus survivors may stay alive with Glenn. (Maybe Only at The Start)

Right now what Ive heard there was a reason some extras where not showed to well in Too Far Gone and where at the back of the bus.

Some Extras that will appear in the rest of the Season,

  • Sick Teen (Back of Bus)
  • Deanna Dixon* (Back of Bus)
  • Woodbury Resident 1 (Back of Bus)
  • Jeanette (Front of Bus)
  • Achey Women (Front of Bus)
  • Adam Daniels* (Front of Bus)