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  • Kordass

    So New Zealand TV that airs TWD showed their promo for season finale. And it shows some really cool stuff, including our first look on Gareth, and it appears that he in fact might be Terminus leader!


    So we know that Rick, Carl and Michonne will be arriving at Terminus and they will be greeted by this Gareth guy, but something will clearly go wrong as we see Carl aiming his gun (we don't know what at, we might assume it's at Terminus people) and Rick saying "Where are our people?" indicating that he somehow found out someone came to Terminus before them and maybe they are nowhere to be seen. It also looks like Claimers find Rick (This "You screwed up, today is a day of reckoning, sir" line really giv…

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  • Kordass

    (NO spoilers, just speculations!)


    On spoilthedead.com forum, someone posted extended synopsis for season finale from their cable company:


    Description: "Factions begin to near an inevitable collision, which brings Rick face to face with a shocking form of brutality that threatens the lives of everyone he has become responsible for, so the group must find a way to survive the oncoming storm."

    So it's kind of extension of synopsis we already had from AMC for "A", but it gives some ideas.

    First, we know most (if not all) of the groups will reunite in season finale: "Factions begin to near an inevitable collision", it's quite similar to "Many paths collide" from AMC synopsis. …

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  • Kordass

    OK, so I've seen many blog posts mentioning Noah, Karen's son. But is he really Karen's son? I I re-watched "I ain't a Judas" and Karen actually doesn't say even once that Noah is her son, nor Noah is saying Karen is his mother. I think he isn't her son, only young boy whose parents maybe died earlier and Karen just tried to keep him away from fighting.as he had an asthma. This would explain why she wasn't depressed in finale, probably because it wasn't her own son.

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