• Kordas2

    OK, so during this prison assault people separated and there is now a lot of small groups of characters after they ran off from destroyed prison. Now what groups do we have?

    Group 1: Rick and Carl

    Group 2 (bus): a few unnamed people, Jeanette, Glenn

    Group 3: Maggie, Bob, Sasha

    Group 4: Tyreese, Lizzie, Mika and the other kids (Tyreese is gonna be a babysitter? :))

    Group 5: Daryl and Beth

    Now we don't really know where and with whom Michonne, Lilly and Tara are. Do you have any predictions as to what happens to them? Maybe you'll correct with me with the groups, I'm not sure I have everyone right :)

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  • Kordas2

    Is Bob Stookey trustworthy?

    October 29, 2013 by Kordas2


    I would like to see what do you guys think about Bob Stookey in TV Series. We all know that he was in Woodbury in Comic Series. When he was announced to appear in Season 4 I also thought he would be in Governor's group, but it turned out he was brought to the prison 1 week prior to the start of the episode. I was very suspicious of him after seeing first trailers given his comic counterpart but after 3 episodes he doesn't seem too bad. In fact he seems like quite nice guy and I liked him. That being said, I still don't know if we can trust him. What do you think about Bob?

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