McFarlane's TV series action figures are definetly awesome, but there are a lot of people who are asking me if they are worth the money. To that I say: "YES!". I already expressed some of my thoughts on the Walking Dead Database, but never in full extent, so here are my thoughts on each of the individual action figures I currently own.

Rick Grimes (Series 2) - This figure's face looks just like Andrew Lincoln. I swear. He comes with an awesome Colt Python .357gun, which is really cool since he wields that the entire series. The shirts stains are pretty amazing. They look real. Other accessories include spare hands (which I'm not using for him because with my clumsy hands, I'd probably end up breaking the wrists), the sniper rifle, and a zombie hook.

Shane Walsh (Series 2) - Shane comes with his signature Glock 17 shotgun...but that's it. No other cool accessories, but the figure is still really frickin awesome. Only other downfall of the figure is that without the gun, he looks a bit he is playing air guitar (or is that a good thing?).

Bicycle Girl Zombie (Series 2) - One of my personal favorite walkers, this was one of my must-have figures from Series 2. The crawling action is pretty accurate to her movements in "Days Gone Bye". Only correction would be to have her be removable from the base.

RV Zombie (Series 2) - Another one of my favorite walkers is the RV walker. The screwdriver, though is a bit of a hassel (I just keep it in a bag with all my other TWD figure accessories). Other than that, it is one of my top figures.

Well Zombie (Series 2) - Cool figure. Annoying to keep together. This figure is really awesome when it comes to detail, but it is a real annoyance when it involves putting him together. He falls apart down the middle a lot.

Michonne (Series 3) - OH MY GOD WE SHRUNK DANAI GURIRA! No...but it looks like it. The face is identical. I love any action figure that looks like the character.

Pet 1 and 2 (Series 3 - These guys are pretty cool too. Of all the figures though, they are the simplest. I guess that is why they included arms and jaws to make them less incomplete looking. I'm still trying to figure out how the backpacks work...

Merle Dixon (Series 3) - Just like the Michonne figure, this figure looks just like the character (Merle of course...not Michonne...). My favorite part is the bayonet hand.

Autopsy Zombie (Series 3) - Ain't nothin like a digested hand and woodchuck for a nice balanced meal. One of my favorite walker figures here. The removable stomach is really nice.

I'll update this as I get more figures.