There might be spoilers pertaining to the comic or show as the discussion progresses, so watch out. But if you don't care about spoilers, then discuss it with us.

I'm mostly going with the main media of TWD, which is the comics. Just a heads-up.

We've seen Rick and the gang leave their first ever lifestyle since after the apocalypse, and that is the camp outside Atlanta. We've seen 'em meet some people, then hole up at the prison, where they ran into some of the surviving convicts, ending with some bad results. We've seen them engage Brian Blake, also known as The Governor, who decimated them and scarred them all forever. Then there were the Hunters, who seemed to be a serious threat at first, but was quickly dealt with, thanks to their newfound skills.... of killing. We see them discover a completely new society, living with a small population of people and doing everything to their power to protect them. They meet a man even more sinister and dangerous than Brian, known as Negan, the leader of an army of marauders known as the Saviors. Negan proves that there are people out there worse than The Governor, showing that no matter what, you'll always win with an army of gun-toting bandits. Rick and his group are faced with the toughest challenge yet, and that's trying to topple Negan's iron grasp with just a small fraction of his army. Will this be the end of Rick, or will his deteriorating sanity continue to push, so that he can prove good guys always win? Is there somebody out there even worse than Negan? Is this Rick's final fight?

I'm always looking to the future of Rick and his group. Is Negan the last villain they'll ever face? After this, will they continue a humanitarian effort of wiping off the undead roaming the nation? Will Rick succumb to suicide? Is Carl going to succeed him?

So many questions to answer.... all we can do is wait. But you know what, waiting isn't always fun. Think about the future of The Walking Dead. What's in store for Rick's group? What do you think will be their next conflict? So many possibilities.

Whatever you gather from the show, the comic, or the game can be used to determine the future. Discuss!