Spoilers indeed. If you haven't read the comic, I suggest skipping this blog, since this character doesn't come around for a very long time. If not then, read on.

So.... what are your thoughts about Paul "Jesus" Monroe? He's got the close quarters combat skills that few, or maybe even less, have in the comic. I mean, he can fight with just his bare hands. He's a huge asset to the Hilltop Colony, and, when it comes to it, an asset to Rick's group (just like how Michonne came to be). He was able to escape Dwight's capture, and he's got a huge tolerance for earning someone's trust (or maybe it was just because of Rick and Carl). What does Kirkman have in store of him?

I'm thinking his presence as an elite ninja scout is just a front.... later on, we'll learn that he might actually be Negan's double agent, or that he's his own bad guy, or something. I'm basically saying there must be more to him than being a bearded man with amazing ninja skills who kindly serves a community. Hopefully, Kirkman develops him some more.

Or maybe I'm just freaking out too much that he's on Rick's side. I seriously dread the day he threatens this relationship with them.

So... what do you think? Will he stay being a kind-hearted badass, or will he do something significant that will sever his ties with Rick and the other communities?