Spoiler alert! If you haven't read the comic or are not in the latest issues, avoid this blog; there will be massive spoilers in it.

No? Well you've been warned.

So.... Carl, as we've seen, is growing up too damn fast, choo-chooing his way into cold-blooded killersville. What I'm basically trying to say is that Carl, like what Rick's been saying, hasn't had time to be afraid, nor be a kid; he's too busy killing and worrying about adult problems. As we've just seen in Issue 104, he went on to hide in Negan's supply truck, and shoot up a few Saviors (and almost nailing Negan) with Abraham's rifle when time came. Unfortunately, Negan, with the help of Dwight, thwarts Carl's to-be killing spree and now has plans for the little psychopath.

We've determined in the covers that Carl will be tested, by either turning into a hostage, being brainwashed into a Savior, or be thrown by Negan into complete survival, all on his own. But in the cover of Issue 107, we see Negan's happy face, Rick being pushed to his limit, and Carl's hat conspicuously placed in some rubble. Has.... Carl died? Was Negan happy to see him go? Is Negan happy in the thought that Carl is not a threat anymore? The million-dollar question: What the hell happened to Carl!?

What I've theorized is that something goes awry with Negan's plan, thus sending Carl off into the unknown. In the future issues, Carl is nowhere to be found, anguishing Rick even further as he just lost the last member of his family. But somewhere, somehow, Carl pulls through, turning up at the most important of times, still alive and kicking. Who knows? Carl might vanish for years, or just weeks, maybe even days. What I'm hoping is for Carl to be OK, as he is the second main character just next to Rick. Kirkman will envelop us with suspense, making us believe that Carl is as good as dead, leaving Rick alone and pushing him to his breaking point, finally popping after a very long time. We'll never know.

So..... what do you think will happen to Carl and his involvement with the Saviors? Was my wall of text too long that you skipped over this question? Discuss!