Spoiler alert! If you haven't read the latest issues of The Walking Dead comics, leave this topic.

Want to stay around for a discussion you have no idea about/that will spoil the crap out of you? By all means!

Hello. Me again, guys.

We're all familiar with Dwight. He seems to be Negan's right-hand man, one with an obvious scar on his head. He has to pour eye drops (which, in a zombie world, might be dang limited) on his other eye just to keep it wet. He's gone where no other Walking Dead villain has went; spared by Rick and his band of (almost) merciless killers and live to see another day.

And once he was spared, nothing much changed. Well, for now.

We know now that he touched one of Negan's men, thus earning him a burn mark on one side of his face. I thought he'd earned that scar even before the apocalypse, but for now, it looks like he just earned it.

So..... what do you think about Dwight? What potential do you see in him? What's his future?

Will he take over Negan's throne when Negan himself is dead? Did his sparing leave a seed in his mind, and will that seed grow into a fondness for Rick's group when time instigates it? Will Dwight turn his back on Negan's men, and go help Rick's group? Will Dwight be Carl's next victim? Will he just die like the rest of Negan's henchmen? Will he turn out to be the double agent, and not Christ semi-Almighty?

What's Dwight's future? That's the question I ask you. Discuss it with me!

PS: There might be other villains comparable to Dwight that Rick spared. Please list them.