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    Spoiler alert! If you haven't read the latest issues of The Walking Dead comics, leave this topic.

    Want to stay around for a discussion you have no idea about/that will spoil the crap out of you? By all means!

    Hello. Me again, guys.

    We're all familiar with Dwight. He seems to be Negan's right-hand man, one with an obvious scar on his head. He has to pour eye drops (which, in a zombie world, might be dang limited) on his other eye just to keep it wet. He's gone where no other Walking Dead villain has went; spared by Rick and his band of (almost) merciless killers and live to see another day.

    And once he was spared, nothing much changed. Well, for now.

    We know now that he touched one of Negan's men, thus earning him a burn mark on one side of his…

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    There might be spoilers pertaining to the comic or show as the discussion progresses, so watch out. But if you don't care about spoilers, then discuss it with us.

    I'm mostly going with the main media of TWD, which is the comics. Just a heads-up.

    We've seen Rick and the gang leave their first ever lifestyle since after the apocalypse, and that is the camp outside Atlanta. We've seen 'em meet some people, then hole up at the prison, where they ran into some of the surviving convicts, ending with some bad results. We've seen them engage Brian Blake, also known as The Governor, who decimated them and scarred them all forever. Then there were the Hunters, who seemed to be a serious threat at first, but was quickly dealt with, thanks to their newf…

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    Spoiler alert! If you haven't read the comic or are not in the latest issues, avoid this blog; there will be massive spoilers in it.

    No? Well you've been warned.

    So.... Carl, as we've seen, is growing up too damn fast, choo-chooing his way into cold-blooded killersville. What I'm basically trying to say is that Carl, like what Rick's been saying, hasn't had time to be afraid, nor be a kid; he's too busy killing and worrying about adult problems. As we've just seen in Issue 104, he went on to hide in Negan's supply truck, and shoot up a few Saviors (and almost nailing Negan) with Abraham's rifle when time came. Unfortunately, Negan, with the help of Dwight, thwarts Carl's to-be killing spree and now has plans for the little psychopath.

    We've d…

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    Spoilers indeed. If you haven't read the comic, I suggest skipping this blog, since this character doesn't come around for a very long time. If not then, read on.

    So.... what are your thoughts about Paul "Jesus" Monroe? He's got the close quarters combat skills that few, or maybe even less, have in the comic. I mean, he can fight with just his bare hands. He's a huge asset to the Hilltop Colony, and, when it comes to it, an asset to Rick's group (just like how Michonne came to be). He was able to escape Dwight's capture, and he's got a huge tolerance for earning someone's trust (or maybe it was just because of Rick and Carl). What does Kirkman have in store of him?

    I'm thinking his presence as an elite ninja scout is just a front.... later o…

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