Your appearance:

White brown eyes and hair wearing a watch and camoflauge clothes.

Who is in your group:

3 Cousins, 4 Aunts, 4 Uncles, Mother, Father, Girlfriend, Best Friend, and Grandfather.

Your weapon:

AK47 and Baseball Bat


2 trucks

camp read the story

So guys I know there is like 2 soapboxes of these you start at the beginning of the apocalypse. List who in your family died and then continue until either you die or the cure is found and all goes back to normal, now here is mine.

March 25 2012 was the day this horrible apocalypse started. I was at my grandpa's house for a family meeting. When 15 walkers entered my home, one of my aunts was bitten, instantly, and died, she was not the only one killed but 8 other members of my family were turned. The survivors escaped, it consisted of my parents, my brother, one of my sisters, three of my cousins Jack, Zac, and Carl, my best friend Austin, my grandpa, my girlfriend, and I. We found refuge in an abandoned Cosco. We were the only ones there. No walkers and no other people. We sealed the exit and nothing happening, then one walker saw my little cousin and attacked, my uncle found the walker chasing my little cousin and shot it. Luckily cousin hadn’t been bitten but the gunshot alerted other walkers and more came rampaging but the wood and cars held no one could sleep because of the noise. In the morning the walkers got through my uncle was bitten while the others fled to the cars grabbing as much food as we could and then drove for 2 days until we reached the Alexandria safe Zone. Eric and Aaron approached us later that day and told us that they offer safety and protection. We stayed for 1 year when some guy named Rick Grimes and his group came, a walker invasion happened shortly after. My brother and cousin Carl died, we then left the community. My dad came across a lurker and was bitten, we had to abandon him leaving my mother in suicidal grief and forcing us to go back to the Alexandria Safe Zone. 5 years later only 5 were left my best friend, my girlfriend who was now my wife, my cousin jack, my uncle, and I. We camped in Nebraska. Our camp was attacked only my cousin and my wife made it. I was in grief that I lost My best friend, but I couldn’t give up because my now 13 year old cousin, my wife and soon to be baby boy were all counting on me. We decided to head back to the community only to find it in ruins. My wife went into labor but when miraculously Dr. Denise came out of the ashes, it was really her. A day later I was a father of a baby boy I was the happiest I’d ever been. Suddenly I saw 2 walkers who were familiar, it was my mother and father. I fell to my knees and cried, I didn’t have the guts to kill them, then the cure dart shot them.... to be continued.