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With Carol banished, what's it gonna be like for Daryl???

So since Carol is no longer part of the group, how will this impact Daryl? and the rest of the prison? Naturally, being a fan of Daryl, I'm just thinking of how this will affect Daryl and whether or not he will react to her leaving. I'm predicting tht he will confront Rick, asking him why she did and if he forced her to. How about u guys? What do you think??? Plz comment below and let me know ur opinion ;) Thxs!

Oh, and some other questions to think about: What kind of explanation will Rick provide to Tyreese and the others about Carol leaving? Will he say that she got bit, or what? 

P.S. This is my first blog (yes, yes, I'm a newb) so don't go too hard on me if you don't really like the topic or anything else. I'm trying to learn, lol.

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