Hey guys!

(I know this isn't completely TWD related, but it's about the guy who practically created the modern zombie, so I hope you'll all cut me some slack on this.)

George Romero, the visionary filmmaker behind Night of the Living Dead, has just released his new zombie comic. It's called Empire of the Dead, and is set five years into a zombie apocalypse. I thought you'd all like to know about this, because we're all big fans of zombie comics here!

As for my thoughts on the comic, I have one word: woah. The setting is masterfully created from the start, and Romero continues from the idea of the 'thinking zombies' that played such a prominent role in Day of the Dead and Land if the Dead. The story focuses on a partially rebuilt New York, which seems to have developed a taste for zombie fights; the difference with TWD and Land of the Dead being that the zombies have been reconditioned to fight each other. The plot, the setting and the characters are all distinct and interesting. It feels different from every zombie movie, book and comic that I've ever seen. This is Romero's return to the top of his game.

I hope you all enjoyed the blog, and Empire of the Dead is available at most decent comic stores. If your local store doesn't stock the comic, feel free to threaten them with whatever torture you see fit.

Small print: Katie takes no blame for whatever you do to your local store owner. If you are arrested, please point to Glen Mazzara as the one behind the threats. He deserves it.