That's right folks, good ol' Frank Darabont is sueing the American Movie Channel, better known as AMC. He is claiming that AMC broke their contract with him. He is asking for tens of millions of dollars in compensation, as well as the cancellation of both Talking Dead and the planned TWD spinoff.

For any of you who don't understand the implications of this lawsuit, let me fill you in. There is an INCREDIBLY minute chance that Darabont may regain partial rights to the show, which could possibly lead to the creation of another adaptation/rebboot. Like I say, this chance is overwhelmingly small, but it is still a chance.

Darabont's lawyers have also stated that AMC pocket the tax benefits from filming in Georgia instead of using them to fund the show, which has been suspected by many. They claim that Darabont was fired due to AMC not wanting to have to pay him what he was due for his role.

I for one hope that Mr Darabont wins the lawsuit, and that we see another adaptation of The Walking Dead very soon. As stated by Darabont's lawyers, we fans have been deprived of his creative vision.

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