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  • KarlelTran

    What actors should play upcoming comic book characters that'll be on the t.v series? like abraham, fr. gabriel, negan, ezekiel, dwight, alexandria community... I mean any actor would love to join Walking Dead with their popularity rising

    My Fan Cast: just to name a few

    • Sgt. Abraham Ford - Dolph Lundgren or Tom Hardy

    • Fr. Grabiel Strokes - Chiwetel Ejiofor

    • Douglas Monroe - Tom Amendola

    • Negan - James Purefoy

    • Ezekiel - Nonso Anozie

    These are just some of my ideas. What are your preferred actors

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  • KarlelTran

    How Should Walking Dead TV Series End? Most likely it'll go on for about 8-10 seasons.


    1. Rick and the group find a safe haven (like I Am Legend)
    2. Everyone Dies
    3. Rick wakes up and its all a dream from his coma
    4. A Virus is released by the Government which wipes out all the Walkers and killing the virus inside the living
    5. Rick and the group continue surviving in this apocalypse
    6. The Government Military saves everyone
    7. Rick dies and the group (or just Carl) moves on

    Also, Should they reveal the origins of the Zombie Virus? Should Rick's group find the recordings of patient zero? or should there be flashbacks? (like in Season 2)

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