The admins asked us for ideas to improve this wiki.

So i have some ideas for new pages/sections/additions. I'll just go over them. Remember, this is just a list of ideas. Some might be pure crap and others might be gold (or even diamond! Diamond ideas i tell ya!).

  • Theory pages. Idea taken from Lostpedia. An example can be seen here.
  • Quote pages. Idea taken from Dunderpedia. An example can be seen here (only episode pages. Not character.)
  • Episode count. On character pages in the infobox. Example here.
  • Character Appearances. We already have that, but i just thought i'd bring it up.
  • Spoiler Policy template. Example here.
  • Billed Character List. Split up in Main and Supporting characters. Example here.
  • Pictures on pages. Example from Dunderpedia here, and one from Lostpedia here.
  • Music page. Example here.
  • Interview page. Example here.
  • Transcripts. Example here.
  • Filming location page. Example here.
  • Voice Actors page. For the TV Series. Example here.
  • Cast and Crew Crossovers. Example here.
  • Last Words Page. A page with the character's last words. An example is available on Lostpedia.
  • Lives Saved. A new section on character pages. Suggested by Mcase19.

Again, this is just a bunch of ideas. Many of them might not work here, but some of them might. Tell me what you think, or if you have other ideas for this wiki.

In Progress