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I was thinking that if people wanted to follow people who has appeared or worked on TWD i'd set up a list about who you can follow. Actually i made a twitter acount, just to follow Kirkman, Mazzara, Kinney and Pareja xD And Pareja even answered a tweet of mine - Neat xD

Here they are. Tell me if i'm missing someone:

  • @gimplonius - Scott M. Gimple (Producer & Writer)
  • @ZegenMichael - Michael Zegen (Played Randall)
  • @madison_lintz - Madison Lintz (Played Sophia)
  • @TheAddyMiller - Addy Miller (Played the little girl walker from Episode 1)
  • @VivianaChave - Viviana Chavez (Played Miranda)
  • @Gunnergale - Gale Anne Hurd (Producer)
  • @angelakang - Angela Kang (Story Editor)
  • @stogiemunoz - Aaron Munoz (Played Tony)
  • @JuanGPareja - Juan G. Pareja (Played Morales)
  • @LaurenCohan - Lauren Cohan (Playing Maggie)
  • @EulynCHW - Eulyn C. Wombie (Costume designer)
  • @davemorrissey64 - David Morrissey (Playing Brian)
  • @EmmaBell17 - Emma Bell (Played Amy)
  • @ChandlerRiggs - Chandler Riggs (Playing Carl)
  • @Bearmccreary - Bear McCreary (Composer)
  • @wwwbigbaldhead - Norman Reedus (Playing Daryl)
  • @steveyeun - Steven Yeun (Playing Glenn)
  • @JAllenMc - James Allen McCune (Played Jimmy)
  • @Michael_Rooker - Michael Rooker (Playing Merle)
  • @Laurie_Holden - Laurie Holden (Playing Andrea)
  • @glenmazzara - Glen Mazzara (Executive Producer & Writer)
  • @RobertKirkman - Robert Kirkman (Writer, Author, etc.)
  • @emmykinney - Emily Kinney (Playing Beth)
  • @mcbridemelissa - Melissa McBrice (Playing Carol)

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