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Thoughts on Issue 100 *sigh* Spoilers!

Okay. This Issue changed everything. I'm gonna rip my previous theories apart and write those instead:

I have three theories:

1. The ASZ people (Only mainies) leave. They simply leave Washington. They give up. Rick, Carl, Maggie, Sophia, Andrea, Michonne, Eugene, Rosita, Gabriel, Heath, Aaron, Eric, Nicholas, Paula, Mikey, Denise, Holly, Olivia and Spencer. This huge group leaves the rest behind. Otherwise Nicholas, Paula, Mikey, Holly and Olivia stays. Nicholas becoming the new leader.

2. They fight back. I actually don't hope so, since it'd be too much of a kliché. But if they do that, almost everyone dies. Leaving Rick, Carl, Michonne and possibly Heath/Aaron (And the people who dosn't join the fight) alive. The rest dead. I don't hope so.

3. They stay and do as Negan says. A nice twist that would change all the characters.

I hope for theory 1.

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