So the admins is talking about whether or not it (the Character Appearances page) should stay, but personally i think it should be taken up with the users, as it is them that has to look at it. If the admins feel differently they can just delete this blog.

Personally, i like the idea of a such page, and i will do the editing and such. So nobody has to worry about that. I think it is nice and fun to compare the character's appearances. It is also a nice way to see when a character died, when the character was introduced, etc. Also a lot of other wikias has something very much like this, and it worked perfectly on those i have been a part of. Actually, the template i used here is the same they used on Lostpedia, where the Character Apperances page was very popular.

Some people has used the arguments against the page, that people may not remember what the colors stand for. The solution is simple: Hold your mouse over a color in the table and it will say what it means. Another reason was that people didn't knew what episodes it was. Again, just hold the mouse over the hyperlink. It shows what episode it is.

So please give your opinion on the page, as i think everybody, and not just the admins, should have a say in thing like this. The page is here: Character Appearances.

Peace, Kaffe.