SPOILERS. You're warned now.

This is speculation about upcoming episodes, mostly for people who saved Doug, but Carley as well.

I have a feeling that our new guy, Ben, is going to survive to the end along with Lee, Clem, Kenny and possibly Katjaa.

I don't think Duck is going to make it. He's a nice kid, but he's dead meat. I'd say that he dies in Episode 4.

Lilly is leaving soon. Probably in next episode or Episode 4.

Doug is hard. I was expecting him to pass in this episode but i really liked how they got him in the episode. I really like the character work in the video game. I'm not sure if he dies in Episode 4 or 5 or if he'll survive the whole way. I'd be pretty cool if Doug survived the whole way, while Carley (The one with the gun) died. That's be cool.

But otherwise that was it a freaking epic episode. A lot harder than Episode 1, but still fun and interresting. I liked how they introduced Mark, saying: "This is our new guy." and then they kill him off. That's nice. Also the decisions in this episode; Kill Danny or not? Who will you give the food to? Help Kenny or Lilly? Kill Andrew or not. Nice. And how you can get killed several times this episode, where it was almost impossible to die.

A nice episode. Tell me what you think.