So the first three episode titles is named, and since i'm a Episode Title freak, you can get some possible spoilers.


Seed is the title of a very bad movie from 2007 by Uwe Boll. The following is the description from IMDB: "After a seemingly undead man is bound and buried alive, he digs himself back to the surface and seeks bloody vengeance on those who caused him his suffering."

I think that at some point in the episode, we'll see a zombie dig itself up after a long time buried. This would be a reference as the zombie now is up again and "seeks bloody vengeance."

Another possibility is problems with Lori's pregnancy, and discussions about wheter the baby is Rick's or Shane's. Here 'Seed' would be slang for sperm.

SEEDS (The Sustainable Environment and Ecological Development Society) is an Indian organisation, focusing on making communites and human habitats better to live in. This would mean both the Prison and Woodbury.

Bīja or Seed is a metaphor used in Hinduism and Buddishm, which is a metaphor for the orgin or cause of things. Here we would see Milton trying to figure the apocalypse out.


Sick could mean that somebody gets bitten. Pretty simple.

It could also refer to Lori's pregnancy, or her being 'sick' og Rick after he killed Shane.

From latin, Sic means "thus was it written" and is added after phrases, like we're using periods. This could mean the end of one of the characters; as "thus was it written".

Sikh is a religion, beliving that all humanity is one, which it indeed is at the apocalypse.

This could also be the introduction of a doctor from Woodbury; since doctors cures Sickness.

Also it could mean that somebody (Brian) is 'sick'; doing some sick stuff.

Walk With Me

This could simply refer to Michonne's pet zombies.

Also it could mean that a character is bit; the zombie wants the character to 'walk with him'. It could also mean that a charcter turns into a zombie.

Also it could be the Governor, showing Michonne and Andrea Woodbury; taking them for a walk.

And now, don't say: "The titles doesn't mean anything". They do. Ever seen Lost? So many references and (hidden) spoilers in the titles. I just like to figure out what the titles mean.

So go ahead. What do you think?