Hi. I just watched season 1 and 2 again, and thought; how will the characters develope after all those deaths and stuff? Here's my theories:

Rick - After killing his best friend, Rick becomes stronger. Adding Tony, Dave and Randall, Rick now knows that the zombies aren't the only threat. The death of Dale will make Rick think more about his actions, and make sure to ask himself: "What would Dale do?"

Lori - The death of Shane will leave Lori to think very much, and mourn. After seeing Patricia getting eaten, she will also make sure that she won't end up that way.

Carl - Killing the reanimated Shane has hardened the boy. He will become stronger and begin to fight the zombies along with the adults. He still feels guilty about Dale, which is another step on the hardened-scale. Seeing Jimmy's death, also hardens him. A little boy soldier we've got here.

Daryl - Killing Dale, Daryl will become an actual part of the group, where he previously tried to stay away from the group. He is now leading the group, along with Rick.

Hershel - Crushed over the deaths of Patricia and Jimmy, he will leave all decisions, all protection to Maggie and Glenn, making sure the two of them will protect Beth.

Glenn - Dale had much to learn Glenn, and still mourning, Glenn will take Dale's place, making sure to keep humanity in the group.

Maggie - Patricia died, which leaves Maggie mourning. She is sad, but after the death of Jimmy too, she has to protect her dad and sister.

Carol - The death of Sophia slowly fades away for Carol. She will find comfort in Daryl, and like in the comic, Lori.

Theodore - T-Dog will help Rick and Daryl lead the group. He knows that they can't lead it alone after the deaths of Dale, Shane and Jimmy, and helps out where he can.

Beth - The death of Jimmy will leave Beth busted. She will quickly forget it, though, but the death of Patricia will affect her and make sure that she wont end up like her.

Andrea - Only the death of Shane will affect Andrea. She thinks that almost everyone is dead, but moves on to survive.

What do you guys think? Does this look something like realistic?