Just a blog for fun; Mention some actors that you'd like to see in TWD.

  • Henry ian cusick
    Henry Ian Cusick - Look at the picture. Isn't that a man you would like to see in a zombie movie? It'd be epic if they hired him.
  • Terry O'Quinn - Again; He just look like a survivor from a zombie apocalypse. I'd like to see him in Rick's group.
  • Harol Perrineau - There's to few black people in TWD, and this guy would be epic in TWD.
  • Brad William Henke - Would be great as an antagonist.
  • Michelle Rodriguez - Somebody mentioned that she could potray Rosita, which would be cool. She's an amazing actor too.
  • Jeff Fahey - That pesimistic, sceptic guy every za-story need.
  • Jeremy Davies - The guy from Saving Private Ryan (Upham). I'd love to see him in TWD.
  • Nestor Carbonell - Could work as a scientist or antagonist. Would be cool.
  • Ken Leung - A replacement for Glenn if he ever dies?
  • Todd Babcock - A Frank-like character from Flight of the Living Dead would be cool.
  • Muse Watson - A Dale counterpart.