So i was thinking, the novel series will focus on fan favorites, rigth? By now we have The Governor and Lilly. But i was thinking, what if he made a book about Axel? Man that would be awesome. A book about how the friendly, grizzly man turned into a robber. I would like to know that.

A book about what happened to Morgan and Duane. Neither of them is fan favorites though, but it would be nice.

A book about how Jim's wonderfull life turned into hell in seconds.

Caesar will probably appear in The Road to Woodbury, but it would be nice to see a book focusing on him, or at least an arc in The Road to Woodbury.

Heath's story. How he got to Alexandria and how he managed to build it along with Douglas, Tobin, Davidson and Olivia.

Derek's story. Him and the scavengers.

Jesus' & The Hilltop's story.

Abraham's story.

How the Greene Family survivied the early stages of the apocalypse.

Any of those would be nice to see, and i sure hope we'll see a novel about, at least, one of those characters.