Another Fan Fiction. Not the whole thing is here. You can read it all here:

The story is about Eleanor Bayne, who looks for safety on island where there would be no zombies; no threats.

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In the middle of the ocean, south of America, you would be able to spot a small fishing boat. Once used by fishermen, trying to catch enough to make a living. The man controlling the fishing boat, didn’t used it to catch fish, but he still used it to make a living. To keep him alive. This man was Eleanor Bayne. Sailling around the North Atlantic Ocean, he tried to spot an island with no or very few inhabitants. This might sound weird; a man sailling a fishing boat, trying to get away from the main land. The reason to this is pretty simple: The main land is overrun; filled with zombies.

Eleanor picked up the pen; a Monteblanc Meisterstuck. The former owner of the ship might have been a collector, since this pen is pretty damn expensive, and not for everyday use. Next to the other lines, marking the days on the sea, Eleanor made another line and counted them; 9 days on the sea. Almost no fuel, almost no food, almost no water and no ammo at all, Eleanor knew that he was in trouble. Before the zombie started to come, Eleanor was a middle school teacher, teaching history. The students often never listened when Eleanor talked, but Eleanor honestly didn’t cared; he got money for it. That was what it was for him; a job. Nothing else. He never looked forward to the history classes, but he didn’t hated them neither. It was his job and he got pay. Eleanor looked at the empty can of beans next to him. He had to eat everything cold, since he could make a fire or anything out on the open sea. The former history teacher was 33 years old. He actually had birthday the day the apocalypse broke out, but nobody seemed to celebrate it. Some of his student told him that he looked like Cal from Waitress. Eleanor never saw the movie, but knew that Cal was potrayed by Lew Temple, who actually looked like Eleanor; half long hair, a goatee. Eleanor refused this statement, though. The old GPS, probably danish, named Garmin GPSMAP 600, showed an island nearby. Eleanor quickly turned the boat, and headed to the island. Even if it was filled with zombies, he would get off the boat and find something to eat and drink. Luckily for him, this island wasn’t filled with zombies. On this island was a sheep and goat farm, and a lighthouse. This island was one of the many islands from the island group, Esther Islands.

Eleanor approached the island slowly. A dock was hidden behind the lighthouse, but thanks to the GPS, Eleanor found it. As he took the rope, that was used for the boat not to sail away, he also took the machete that he found on the boat. To a start, Eleanor wondered why there was a machete on a fishing boat, but he soon enough accepted it; it could be handy to fight the zombies. While most people thought that the zombies was just sick people, Eleanor knew that they weren’t. They were dead people, who just had to be killed once again. Probably because of all the zombie movies that Eleanor had seen, he was very paranoid, and scared. He knew that a bite from a zombie would result in dead. Eleanor jumped off the boat and moored the boat. He never hadmuch experience with boats; he sailed a few times with his friends, but nothing serious. The only knot he knew was the one you use to tie your shoes; he used that to moor the boat.