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Main-charachters in Season 3

Who do your think will be upgraded as main-characters, now Dale and Shane is gone?

  • Hershel is possible, as his role in the series i very big
  • Maggie in less possible - She only have a big role to Hershel, Glenn and Beth and not the rest of the group
  • Beth in not possible. She won't be anymore a mainie than T-dog is now
  • T-Dog - Nah. I think he'll stay as a supporting
  • Carol... Her role is almost gone. The only thing she have is her relationsship with Daryl. But no maine.
  • Michonne is very probably.
  • The Govenor is probably
  • Merle is not probably, as we haven't seen anything to him since the first episodes.

But what do your think?

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