Before I begin, I want to say that this post isn't intended to offend everyone, and that this is only my opinion. That said, I'll get going.

I wanted to call this blog for 'Narrowmindedness', but decided this was better.

For quite a while, I've been fine with whatever have been done on this Wikia; I've tried to be as passive as possible. Though, after becoming admin on the House of Cards Wiki], I find that hard. Let me tell you guys what the problem is.

Pages like the this, this and this are not needed on this Wikia, at all. These pages are not for us, but for the people who get on this Wikia, wanting to know stuff about TWD.

The problem is, people, that we, contributors on this Wikia, make pages for 'us', not for 'them' - the people who want to read about TWD. If people want to know info about a background character, they would look on the background character page. Nobody would assume that he had a page, because that makes no sense.

Pages like this makes sense, because this guy was credited. This one wasn't.


Because of the long post, here's a mallard to look at.

Another thing is the themes. I made this feature, but I only made 10 or 12 themes. Then people thought it would be fun to add more. But let's be honest. Nobody goes on the theme page to read about pride. That's not even a theme, that's a feeling. People would want to read about relationships and amputations.

A thing that worry me, is that people rather want to make pages to background characters, rather than add to stuff that people actually want to read about, or look at. Stuff like this is interesting and fun trivia. Personally, I've been on Lostpedia's page for this a dozen times, and I like using it as inspiration for finding new movies to watch.

On House of Cards Wiki, the other admin and I had a minor discussion about whether or not people would prefer having the appearances as only episodes, or episodes or seasons. We agreed that people who would come to read about the show on the Wiki, would probably prefer it being only in episodes, and so we did.
Even though the other thing possibly would have been easier for us, he didn't care, because he already knew that the Wiki was for 'them', not for 'us'.

What I am trying to say, people, is that you have to think about what people want - not what you want. After all, this is a Wikia, not a forum. Let's be profesional here.

Again, this is my opinion. I'm not an admin or anything, I just thought I'd share my thoughts.

Thank y'all.