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Favorite TWD actor?

The title says it. My Top 10:

1. Michael Rooker - Impressing acting in the first episodes. Very belivable as he was screaming on the roof.

2. Emily Kinney - Amazing acting when she's supposed to be sad. Outstanding.

3. Juan G. Pareja - He is very good at heroic and calm acting. When he is supposed to be calm and tolerating i was impressed.

4. Jeffrey DeMunn - Do i have to say anything? His acting in Judge, Jury, Executioner was amazing. I'm inpressed.

5. Michael Zegen - In 18 Miles Out and Better Angels his acting was outstanding.

6. Steven Yeun - Mostly for his acting in Guts and Wildfire. Besides those it's not really something special.

7. Scott Wilson - His acting after the barn shootout was amazing. He was really good at being sad.

8. Andrew Rothenberg - I really liked his acting in Vatos and Wildfire. He should actually be in Top 3, but Rooker, Kinney and Pareja was better, though. Still amazing.

9. IronE Singleton - I don't remeber the episode, but where T-Dog and Dale was talking about them being the weakest. I loved his acting there.

10. Andrew Lincoln - I would have wroten Lennie James, but Lincoln has to be on the Top 10 list. Nice work by Lincoln.

So, what's yours?

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