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Apparently new crew?

I don't know if it's official, but on IMDb it states that following crew members is hired for Season 3:

  • Nathan Alexander (Props, since Cherokee Rose.)
  • Sean Ryan Jennings (Set designer. New crew member)
  • Daniel F. Green (Location Manager. Upgraded from Location Assistant.)
  • Bear McCreay (Music. It's offical that he will continue)
  • Greg Nicotero (Make-up. We knew that)
  • Howard Berger (Make-up. Continues)
  • LeShae Ann Nash (Construction Buyer. Continues)
  • Brad Carey (Location Assistant. New crew member)
  • Brent Bernhard (Stunts. He will do stunts for a character from Season 1)
  • Troy Faruk (Will apear as a character named 'Sean' and as Stunt man)

Might just be me that concerns about the crew members, but some prop people are better than others. Yea, i know. I'm a freak.

The weirdest one might be Troy Faruk and Brad Carey; A character leaked from IMDb? And Brad Carey never did anything besides TWD. He's probably related to somebody on the set.

That's it. KJ

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