Ok my Prediction plot goes like this:


Episode 1 – Rick and his group have survived the winter, they stumble upon the prison and camp outside the gates while discussing how it is a possible “hope” and that they must try… Meanwhile, Andrea and Michonne are wondering around scavenging for food. Andrea is becoming weak and is feeling depressed. Later on, Michonne and Andrea are walking along the highway when they see a helicopter fly over then crash a couple miles away. When they discover the damage they hide when they hear a vehicle approach. It is the Governor and some of his men. They hear a gun re-load and when they turn around it is revealed that Merle is still alive. They are then captured and placed in the backseat of a car. Back at the Prison Rick and the gang decide to enter the prison. After a huge battle against zombies they run into the main entrance and get inside. Awhile later after looking around Hershel is bitten by a lurker in a dark corner. Rick then does the unthinkable and amputates Hershel’s Leg. Andrea awakes in a room with Michonne holding her hand. She freaks out and demands to be set free with their weapons. The Governor introduces himself and welcomes them to his town of Woodbury. –END EPISODE

please reply with your PREDICTION PLOTS! :) THANKS!