AMC's The Walking Dead is NOT the same thing as the comic book.

AMC's The Walking Dead will NEVER be the exact same thing as the comic book.

Some characters on The Walking Dead are not developed enough to be killed off yet.

That is the reason there was only one/two main prison deaths in "Too Far Gone"

The Walking Dead will take some deviations to the comics, but it will not always follow it panel by panel.

Get Over It.

Companing gets us nowhere, because kirkman tends to do the exact opposites.

The reason "Too Far Gone" made us all so upset about Hershels death was because he WAS developed.

The reason more comic characters died was because they WERE developed.

If youre not happy about the writers trying to make us care about characters before killing them off:

Get Over It, and Please Stop Complaning. Complaning Kills TV Shows.