Alright, let try and get away from all this "still" review stuff for a sec.

Spoilers Follow:

In my eyes, there have been many hints towards the hunters appearence through the season. Firstly, Sam and Ana's appearance. If youll notice Ana's leg was clearly severed, not bitten off, maybe the hunter cut it off, getting chased off by walkers in the process. The disaperance of Sam had me wondering too. He was listed as a recurring character so I think we will see him again, being torn to bits by the hunters later in the season. (If you haven't noticed I really think Terminus is a trap the Hunters set up). The signs(Rich Bitch, Rapist, Liar, Etc) also point to the hunters. I say this because mos of the bodies have severed limbs. I believe the people we saw in the house in "Claimed were either hunters or bandits. That is my prediction for the rest of the season. First ghroup will arrive at terminus, it will be safe for a while, after they all get there the hunters attack. Here's who I Think will die!


I think this because of many of the conversations in still. I believe the statments "Your gonna miss me like hell" and "You're gonna be the last man sanding" are ironic foreshadowing. Plus, when a charcter gets a storyline, death increase goes up.


I know what you're saying, Daryl and Carol both die? I truly believe Carol will die defending the group/ the children. Or even ina confrontation with Lizzie( AKA CHILD SATAN)



This dosen't need much explaning, Lizzie shoots Mika, Carol or Carl shoots Lizzie. Ben and Billy storyline. What AMC has been worried about.

Leave your predictions and thoughts below. PLEASE DONT USE THIS BLOG TO REVIEW STILL WEVE DONE THAT ENOUGH