Daryl Dixon (TV Series)
Daryl Dixon: Why The Hate, Why The Love?

First and foremost I would like to say ovbious spoilers ahead, and possibly for the back half of season 4, so read at your own risk!

Daryl Dixon is one of the most discussed topics in The Walking Dead universe, many love him, many are annoyed by him, so I'm here to offer my insight.

Why all the love for Daryl?

For some reason, people believe Daryl to be perfect, and that is the reason many dislike him, I personally don't understand this. Yes, I agree with the opinions that he is overdone at points (The tank scene, come on, overkill, but still badass). Daryl has changed drastically from his first appearance, and I dare you to tell me he seemed perfect to you the first time you saw him hit your telivison screens. Daryl Dixon is a unpredicatable, agitated human being at his first appearnce. Though this personality seems to mellow as the seasos go on, Daryl has a good reason for being so angry and secluded. It is revealed throughout the series that he was abused by his father, and his mother died in a fire, now I know anyone who has lost family can sympatize with that, and that is one of the reasons people like him, his story IS relatable. Another reason for Daryl's fanbase is him being written next to Merle. Merle is even more unpredictable, foul mouthed, and agaitated than Daryl is. Daryl grew up behind Merle, Merle was his leader. He taught him everything even if it wasnt right. That, in my opinion is one of the reason Daryl rises up in the group is because for once he can be incharge after Merle dissapears. Daryl, in comparisson to Merle is a very irrational person. Daryl is not perfect, he called Carol a bitch after her child died!


                                                             "I Ain't Nobody's Bitch"

Many didn't like this episode, and it was very Daryl centric.
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It showcases how Daryl overcomes. Even though its a little unrealistic I think it showcased Daryl's story very well. He has to live under the shadow of merle, and the reason he acted the way he did in Season 1 was because of Merle. Merle wanted him to rob the camp after all. From this episode on Daryl began to become "perfect' as many of the fams see him today. This episode led him to becoming his own person and the person we see in seasons 3-4. This episode closes his storyline on becoming his own person and his new personality and leadership begins to emerge. But nothing challenges this from here on out?

Seasons 3-4: Where The Walking Dead went wrong.

What happened. Daryl has gotten barely any devolpment in these last 1.5 seaons! The only good devolpment he got was in "Home" and "This Sorowful Life", which once again touched upon Daryl becoming his own person despite Merle. And "This Sorowful Life" showed hom much of an impact Merle had on Daryl's life. But nothing new has come up. Daryl has done NOTHING in Season 4 but go on a few runs and have some badass walker kills. This is the reason people view him as perfect, there has been no challenges brought up in Daryl's life that have been touched upon in the series. I am conviced that if a good storyline is presented that showed Daryl in a diffrent light his haters may be more welcoming of him. In season 4b, it has been revealed that Daryl will get another centric episode, hopefully, a new storyline will be brought up fpr him, maybe with the hunters??? Everyone sound off in the comments! I want to hear why you like or dislike Daryl!  I do like him but I am in large support of a new storyline.