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  • Jttrev7

    For Season 5, the following are main cast members:

    • Rick Grimes
    • Carl Grimes
    • Michonne
    • Daryl Dixon
    • Carol P.
    • Maggie Greene
    • Glenn
    • Tyreese
    • Sasha
    • Bob
    • Beth Greene
    • Abraham Ford
    • Rosita Espinosa
    • Eugene Porter
    • Gareth
    • Tara Chambler

    The top 7(Rick, Carl, Daryl, Michonne, Carol, Maggie, and Glenn)'s actors were listed as main cast in the opening credits, along with Hershel(Scott Wilson) and The Govenor(Morissey). If this follwing season countines the trend and has 9 in the opening Credits, which other two do you think will be creditied as main cast? My opinion is Tyreese and Abraham! Let me know what you think below!!!

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  • Jttrev7

    Alright, let try and get away from all this "still" review stuff for a sec.

    Spoilers Follow:

    In my eyes, there have been many hints towards the hunters appearence through the season. Firstly, Sam and Ana's appearance. If youll notice Ana's leg was clearly severed, not bitten off, maybe the hunter cut it off, getting chased off by walkers in the process. The disaperance of Sam had me wondering too. He was listed as a recurring character so I think we will see him again, being torn to bits by the hunters later in the season. (If you haven't noticed I really think Terminus is a trap the Hunters set up). The signs(Rich Bitch, Rapist, Liar, Etc) also point to the hunters. I say this because mos of the bodies have severed limbs. I believe the peop…

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  • Jttrev7
    • Spoilers from the comic follow







    Although some ways away, with the ratings as good as they are and the loyal fanbase, I think it's safe to say the show will last up until the Negan storyline if not farther. As we all know Glenn's head is smashed by Negan in issue 100*, and Maggie is pregnant and the leader of hilltop at this point in the story. If the fans continue to show support for Glenn/ Maggie I think the showrunners could go down another route. if Bob and Sasha relationship is explored I believe they could take this story. With Sasha going on to be the leader of hilltop. I think Martin-Green could give a great delivery of the "I believe in Rick Grimes" speech. I know people think Sasha could be the new TV Andrea but I think Tara m…

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  • Jttrev7

    I think the fans are going to be really happy with a lot of other characters that maybe didn't get the same focus over the last two to three years. They really get their chance to shine. Norman has a magnificent episode, as do four or five others of the family... the prison family - Andrew Lincoln

    First of all, I really hope one of them is Bob, as he got very little focus in FourA, and he has had some solid development so far. So my question is what other characters do you guys think will get a episode that is focused or semi focused on developing them?

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  • Jttrev7

    First and foremost I would like to say ovbious spoilers ahead, and possibly for the back half of season 4, so read at your own risk!

    Daryl Dixon is one of the most discussed topics in The Walking Dead universe, many love him, many are annoyed by him, so I'm here to offer my insight.

    For some reason, people believe Daryl to be perfect, and that is the reason many dislike him, I personally don't understand this. Yes, I agree with the opinions that he is overdone at points (The tank scene, come on, overkill, but still badass). Daryl has changed drastically from his first appearance, and I dare you to tell me he seemed perfect to you the first time you saw him hit your telivison screens. Daryl Dixon is a unpredicatable, agitated human being at h…

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