• JokersFlame

    Sup guys, long time reader of the Wiki, I used to contribute a lot more too. Anyway, this is a problem I brought up once before. It seems that this Wiki has a horrible habit of updating a character's main quote on the top of their page with something more recent over what works better. If you look at multiple other Wikis like the Breaking Bad wiki, the characters will always have a quote that sums up who they are or were as a person.

    For example, Morgan is on the main page of this site, what's his quote? "TELL ME HOW IT IS! TELL ME, HOW IT IS! TELL ME!" Yeah, that quote really nails the character doesn't it. Sasha's is simply, "I'm trying." Nothing more. Sure, it's a nice little thing she said to show you she's making an attempt at being a …

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  • JokersFlame

    So I love the Walking Dead wiki, I really do, but I do have one pet peeve. It seems to me that people keep updating every single character's quote to what they most recently said as opposed to what best defines their character.

    For example, Carl from the comic.

    "Make sure you kill him."
    —Carl to his father about Negan.
    Is this really the best line the defines the character? Over 120 issues, and this is the best line that sums up the character of Carl Grimes?
    How about Rick from the comic?
    "I wouldn't ask anyone to stay here... And I'm not. We're all leaving."
    —Rick in the aftermath of the bombing of Alexandria.
    Once again, I ask you, what does this quote say about Rick as a character? Nothing. We don't have any insight learned at all. If you were any…
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